The second most profitable business in the world – HUMAN TRAFFICKING

Human Trafficking Prevention – Education and Awareness is the key with application in the local families, schools, churches, business etc…… The POWER of ONE PERSON who has made a difference…. so can you and I working to bring awareness through education and PREVENTION. Prevention is always better than Repair.

Unless we educate with application we have made no difference. – DR H
Education without application is no education at all – DR H
Preventative maintenance is far better than having to do repairs – DR H
When we do our part – we do more than just a part – we save lives – DR H

5.5 Million Victims Are Children
30 Milling Victims Worldwide
1 Out Of 280 People WILL BE VICTIMS

Our goal is to raise the money to help us take our programs into all schools and to have weekly meetings in the local areas of those schools for parents, teens, families and friends at no charge to the public to educate and bring awareness with prevention education.  We will use our magical programs to attract the crowds then use our awareness program at the end of every show we do.  https://GoFundMe.com/projectsetmefree


Snopes reaction to the story is that the presentation of the story used misleading items, such as the photo of the older man with the child “bride”, which was indeed from a “social experiment” to see how people would react. HOWEVER, the story about child brides in the USA was accurate in that there are statistics to support the allegations, and efforts of concerned individuals to change the old legislation that allows for such underage marriages have been unsuccessful. THAT was the story, and while it used a “sensational” approach, there is a serious problem that should be easily corrected if there is the political will to do so. It may not be easy to educate ourselves about every story that grabs our attention. There are often a lot of layers to get to the truth.

Every 3 Minutes a minor becomes a victim of sexual exploitation in the United State Of America.  Human Trafficking has been reported in 167 countries. Only 140 countries criminalize all forms of trafficking. $90 dollars is the average cost of a slave today. The average age of entry into forced prostitution is 12 – 14 years of age.

Over 20 Million Enslaved Today. There is more than four times the slaves today in the world than there was in the United States in 1860. Estimated 26% are children and reported that more than a quarter are under 18. It’s heartbreaking that an estimated 26% of modern day slaves are children. 22% of modern slaves are in the Sex Industry.

Over 14,000 new victims brought into the USA every year and the numbers are climbing and that is not counting the ones that go unreported. Human trafficking is EVERYWHERE! Even in your city. Human trafficking is a global problem of epidemic proportions.

Hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens have been estimated to be at risk of commercial sexual exploitation. Not counting the thousands of human organs that are resold every year.

Our goal here at Project Set Me Free is to help bring awareness to the projects that are already in place to help bring awareness to the masses and to help raise money for these organizations with our programs and to bring massive awareness to families on how to educate themselves.

Here is just one of thousands of videos that will help you to know why we are doing our part in helping to raise the funds that are necessary to help educate with application in your local city.

Human trafficking is at a all time high in your city. The time is NOW to get involved.
It is more than just a sex slavery, it is slavery at all levels. Slavery has never gone away it is just gotten larger and everyone is affected.


Project Set Me Free is owned and operated by Dr H and Lady Karin Honea


Here is an experiment on how easy it is to abduct a child in a park while you’re on your phone:


Fancy Cars and JoeySalads easily abducts children from their front yard – a must watch
Child Abduction in Nice Car (Social Experiment) – Kidnapping Children

Nobody does anything when a woman is kidnapped in broad daylight

The POWER of ONE PERSON who has made a difference…. so can you and I working to bring awareness through education and PREVENTION. Prevention is always better than Repair.